What Universities Accept BTECs?

99% of universities and colleges in the UK accept BTEC students, including competitive universities from the Russell Group, such as University of Oxford and London School of Economics (LSE). In 2015, over a quarter of students accepted into higher education held at least one BTEC. Also, lots of TOP ranking universities in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia accept students with BTEC level qualifications.

BTEC students can often be better prepared in terms of the independent studying that’s required at degree level, due to the portfolio-based nature of BTEC courses. The time management and self-organisation you’ll pick up on a BTEC course can also give you an added edge.

According to UCAS, the number of successful university applicants applying with at least one BTEC has increased a whole 12% to more than 40% from 2008 to recent years.

According to a spokesperson from the University of Oxford, around 30% of their accepted students come with qualifications other than A-levels, such as BTEC qualifications.

Progression to higher education

As with previous years, around 150,000 BTEC students confirmed places at university this Autumn – approximately one in four students starting at university will have a BTEC. Over 1 million learners every year take BTEC qualifications and BTEC continues to be the nation’s fastest growing route into university, with almost one in four students who started university last year having taken the qualification. You can see the list of universities that accept BTEC level 3 qualifications here

It’s also important to note that, there are many transferable opportunities in terms of subjects – what you study at BTEC won’t necessarily dictate the exact subject you study at university. For example, if you have studied for a BTEC in one subject area, you can apply for a different subject at university.
For example, studying an applied science BTEC can lead on to degree programmes in chemistry, biochemistry, food science or zoology, to name just a few examples.

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