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Office for Student Support Services

Student Support services (SSS) facilitates and enable transition from one educational level to another.  Such services include; psychological support, Living and Learning Communities (LCC), disability support, diversity, specialized learning support, financial support, admissions, cultural activities, student leadership and organization as well as parent education.


Tutoring, personal counseling, academic advising, mentorship, and study skills improvement are just some of the services and activities offered by Student Support Services. The aforementioned criteria support the University's mission of being a world-class institution of higher learning by fostering the development of ethical, well-rounded, and talented graduates who contribute to the local and global community's growth.



Provides career counseling and advice. Assist students with admissions and course recommendations, as well as elective and optional choices. Internationalization and student exchange programs are at the forefront. Promote culture and language transmission through a variety of activities and interactions with individuals and groups.

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The Student Support Services Office's major mission is to offer information about policies and processes that is reasonably available in accessible formats. In partnership with the student, determine acceptable and effective accommodations, academic changes, and/or auxiliary aids and services. Promote an enabling learning environment.

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