Master of Business Administration (MBA)


1 year


General Overview

The MBA programme will be a one-year full-time programme delivered over three, 12-week semesters with 1080 Guided Learning Hours and a 90 ECTS value of 1800 study hours.

The rapid growth of the Uzbek economy and the increasing number of economic ties with trade organisations and countries means there is a pressing need for management professionals who have a critical understanding of how business is conducted now and will be conducted in the future both locally and internationally.  Such professionals not only need theoretical knowledge but strategic analytical skills and judgement.  The use of business simulation exercises, role play, case studies and company analysis will assist the honing the students’ analytical, planning, management,  communication and facilitating skills. The overall aim, therefore, is to produce MBA graduates of high quality who can respond creatively and effectively to the challenges of the global business environment. 

Advantages of the MBA

A master’s degree from CIU will prepare you for the future in countless ways. We seek to produce CEOs, entrepreneurs, experts, marketers, project managers, educators, leaders, data-driven decision-makers, organizational strategists, intrapreneurs and innovators, to name just a few.

Cambridge International University’s business master’s programs have sought to access experts in their fields from around the world, and place the knowledge they share into a systematic learning structure. These experts answer questions in online lectures clearly and concisely. Our live classes are interactive and exciting. The goal is for students to grow by expanding their knowledge, experience and expertise. All graduates will be a huge asset to the organizations they work for and support. 


Because we want students who want to solve real-world business problems. We want people who want to become leaders. Innovators looking to support and establish their organizations. And passionate people who believe that education is the key to the future. If that sounds like you and the type of people you want to have in your company and organization - then we can help make it possible! Let’s get started!


Why do you need an MBA? 

Do you want to meet academics, professors, entrepreneurs, millionaires, and various experts in their fields from around the world? Now you can, because our Master's Programs are finally open. In our pre-recorded lectures you will meet and learn from various outstanding experts who are incredibly successful in their fields. You will hear them answer the questions you have always wanted to ask. Then you will be guided in person by teachers who will help you apply your newly acquired knowledge to your life and your future. The course times and structure have been designed with you and your life in mind, so you can get the most out of it.


Why is CIU’s MBA so special and what can you expect?

  • Courses can be completed within 9 months
  • Lectures and classes are offline and online 
  • Classes are scheduled in the evenings so you can work at the same time
  • Students can gain another internationally recognised qualification at the same time as their master's!
  • The course is taught in the English language by international experts.


What subjects are taught in the MBA course?

  • Project Management and Organisational Strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Analytical Thinking, Decision Making and Data Management
  • Business Innovation Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • The Global Economy and Risk Management
  • Strategic Business Project/Dissertation


How is the MBA structured?

  • The Programme is structured so that students learn in a connected way with each subject and module linking with the overall aim.
  • Students watch pre-recorded lectures at a time convenient for them with experts from around the world. Some of our experts include published authors, entrepreneurs, millionaires and world-famous professors! 
  • At the end of each lecture, there is a quiz, these ensure comprehension of the subject matter and highlight areas for improvement.
  • Students attend live classes with professional teachers. These classes will cover important material from your study materials, they will serve as a forum to ask questions, do group work activities and learn interactively.
  • Each semester is 12 weeks and each module has a mid-term and a final exam
  • The final semester involves a dissertation/research project. But don’t worry we don’t want you to waste your time writing something you will never use again!
  • Each module with requires collaboration and group work with other students. Lectures are intended to impart relevant and up-to-date information which is a vehicle through which we give an overview of the area of study, frame it within the appropriate context, and provide the student with a structure which they can use to inform their study.


Engagement and Attendance

Students are defined as academically engaged if they are engaged regularly with timetabled teaching sessions, and course-related learning resources including those on the Learning Management System and complete assessments and submit these on time. Students must have a minimum 80 percent attendance rate at all offline workshops and other scheduled face-to-face student lecturer meetings. 


Assessment format

The assessment format will be a mixture of online tests, reports, essays, presentations and projects and dissertations. Many of the learning activities undertaken by the student, as well as coursework, will be based on real-world experiences and case studies, many with an international focus. Reports will both require qualitative and/or quantitative research and analysis. 


Admissions and Application Criteria & Requirements 

Candidates must be able to satisfy the general admission requirements of Cambridge International University Tashkent together with the following programme requirements:


  • An appropriate Undergraduate Qualification from a recognised higher education institution
  • Other Required Qualifications/Experience


Specifically, candidates would be expected to possess:

  • a degree awarded by an appropriate institution, or
  • a postgraduate award (passed at an appropriate level), or
  • a final qualification of a professional body acceptable to the University


Language Requirements

Applicants must be able to satisfy the University of their competence in English. 

The IELTS certificate with an overall score of 6.0 or above (minimum 5.5 in each component) or equivalent. 


Our university also accepts Certificate obtained from Linguaskill of Cambridge Assessment English if the Cambridge English Scale score is 169 or above. 

Linguaskill logo

However, if you do not have the IELTS certificate or equivalent, you can take an internal exam by selecting the option on the application form. 


You will need to provide the university with the following:

  • Passport or ID Card and residency permit 
  • Valid IELTS certificate
  • Bachelor’s diploma or certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree transcripts with subjects and grades.


Further desirable skills pre-application

Work experience is not a requirement for joining the MBA. However, work experience is desirable and should be as broad as is reasonably practicable.

If you have a work experience in the following areas, you can apply for the scholarship:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing

To apply for the University Scholarship at CIU, submit your "Motivational Letter" by indicating your academic background, work experience and other achievements. 

The word limit for the Motivational Letter is a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 350 words. 


Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for Master of Arts in English Language Education (ELE) is set as the following:

For one academic year – 40,000,000 UZS.

The student can pay in two installments – 20,000,000 UZS per semester. 

The discounts can be applied:

  • If the applicant makes the full payment at once, the student will receive 4,000,000 UZS.

The student with discount will pay 36,000,000 UZS if paid in full payment. 

The payment details will be provided on the contract with full details.



Are you ready to unleash your potential at CIU?

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