BA in Business Management (CIMA integrated)


3 years


The Business Management degree is a higher education program where students focus on management, leadership, accounting, finance, human resource and marketing. The students will learn to evaluate methods for planning, organizing, leading and controlling performance in various organizations.


It is a broad degree and you will open a wide range of job opportunities by the end of the degree in areas such as management, accountancy, finance, human resource, marketing, sales and etc. After completing this degree, students not only can work in local Companies, but they will have a chance to work for prominent employers – including Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG, Huawei Technologies, BAT and General Motors.


The main mission of the Business Management department is to produce competent, high qualified and effective managers, entrepreneurs, finance and audit officers who are equipped with all necessary knowledge and skills in business industry. The long-term purpose of the Business Management department is to provide excellent undergraduate program that will prepare students in order to be business professionals in the future.

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