General requirements

Document on graduation of school

IELTS / Other English Language Certificate or Internal Mock Exam

See specific requirement in table below


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Bachelor Degree

Pre-Bachelor's Foundation

School of Education and Humanities

BA in English Language Teaching (ELT)


IELTS exam


School of Information Technology

BSc in Computer Science


IELTS exam


BSc in Software Engineering


IELTS exam


School of Business Management

BSc in Applied Accounting & Finance (CIMA integrated)


IELTS exam


Foundation (1st year) - Business Management (PEARSON BTEC integrated)


Bachelor (2nd year) - Business Management (PEARSON BTEC integrated)


IELTS exam


BSc in Applied Accounting & Finance (ACCA integrated)


IELTS exam


BA in Business Administration (National Curriculum)


IELTS exam



Bachelor Degree


Pre-Bachelor's Foundation


Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to get the internal exams result?

Exam results are released within 7 business days. They are delivered to candidates via e – mail.

I wanted to transfer to the CIU, what should I do, what documents are required?

Passport, certificate or diploma with an application, certificate or diploma of one academic year, transcript, Based on submitted major IELTS 5.5-6.0

Are there any grants?

Yes, grants are available, requirements: Academic Excellence Scholarship: 1. IELTS 7.0 + SAT 1200 + interview = 100% grant 2. IELTS 7.5 + interview = 50% grant 3. SAT 1300 + interview = 50% grant

Can I submit documents offline?

At the CIU building, you can get advice offline, and after registration get help from CIU staff.

Are other certificates recognized besides IELTS?

Yes. Another results equivalent to the IELTS 5.0 certificate are accepted.

How long can I pay for the contract after receiving the contract agreement?

After receiving the contract, it is required to settle a main payment (Admission fee) within 10 business days.

How long does it take for documents to be considered after their registration?

Documents are reviewed within 3 to 5 days and the result is delivered to the candidate via e - mail.

Does CIU have a dormitory?

There is no dormitory at CIU.

Where can I work after graduation?

In your specialty, you can become a professional in any place.

Is the university affiliated with the University of Cambridge in England?

No. Cambridge International University (Cambridge International University) is the only university in the Republic of Uzbekistan with this name. It is planned to increase the number of branches in Uzbekistan.

Is a certificate of enrollment issued after the submission of all documents?

This certificate is provided after payment of the contract for 1 semester.

Is it possible to pay for the contract monthly, in installments?

In accordance with the agreement concluded between CIU and the student, the contract can be paid through any bank before the start of the semester. There are no monthly payment incentives.

How long does the admission last?

Until August 25, if during this period the number of allotment is filled, then the admission closes earlier than the set time and this is reported.

Is the CIU diploma recognized in Uzbekistan?

Certainly, it is recognized, as it is licensed by the government. Check the following link 👉 👈

When do exams start and how are they conducted?

Internal exams begin in May of 2022 and will last until August 25th. Exam dates are posted on social media.

Can I apply to CIU without IELTS?

Yes, you can, but you need to take an internal IELTS Mock exam.

Are exams paid or free?

The cost of the internal exam is 300,000 UZS, and only after payment, the candidate can participate in the exam.

Until what date will the admission for the grant continue?

Until July 31, 2022

What to do after the delivery of all documents?

Each candidate is requested to constantly check their e-mail, candidates who have fully submitted all the required documents are sent a contract agreement.

Can a student leave CIU by transfer (“Transfer”) after finishing the 1st year?

It is possible to transfer your education to all universities in Europe and other public universities where there is an agreement under the Pearson program.