3 October 2021

What is a university Induction week?

What is a university Induction week?

An Induction week otherwise known as a greeting day, with new freshman students which can be one of the most important weeks in the calendar, because it provides the best smooth specializing to start a new academic year.


What happened in Induction week?


In Induction week could gave a good opportunity for teachers and students to got some information about university itself along with to teachers could knew the methods of teaching without overwhelming students. It also allowed some intercourse between students.


Last year in 2021, 04 October at the Cambridge International University has been organized Induction week which lasted till 8 October. During the week students had the opportunity to be familiar with requirements, knowledgeable teachers, had a campus tour, acquainted schedules and courses. In addition with, they had meeting with academic staff who will help in any problems existed with students. Postgraduates received answers to all interested questions. Nowadays our first year students feel a member of our community.


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