19 March 2022

Trip to Samarkand


One of the best ways to get students excited about history is to get them out of the classroom to visit a historical site or museum. A student trip to Samarkand (“Sherdor”, “Go’r-amir”) and Registan created a lifetime of memories.


 The Student Parliament organized a bus for 100 students. In addition to all the historic presidential places and museums recommended on this trip, there were numerous Uzbekistan`s history destinations and students visited all across the city that will enrich young people’s understanding of our nation’s heritage.


First stop was Registan and here the Student Parliament organized a mini debate with students about historical facts about Registan, which was very incredible for all members of this trip.



This trip also provided  exciting and entertaining experiences for freshman students that will enrich their understanding of Uzbekistan`s history and culture.


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